Schedule Spring Term

Week 1: Jan 10 Aesthetics and Friendship

Sheila Heti, How Should a Person Be?

Hannah Tennant Moore, “Exile in Girlville”

In class: Julie DiCaro, “The Dangers of the ‘Cool Girl’ Ideal

Meta blog assignment due

Week 2: Jan 17 From Graphic Novel to Film

Diary of a Teenage Girl (film and parts of the graphic novel)

Week 3: Jan 24 Girls and Sex

Peggy Orenstein, “Matilda Oh Is Not an Object—Except When She Wants to Be” Girls and Sex

“’Hot Sex’ and Young Girls” Zoë Heller NY Review of Books, Aug 18, 2016.

Week 4: Jan 31 Sex and Power

Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl Section 1 “Love and Sex,” and Girls, (Season 3, Episode 10)

Peggy Orenstein, “Hookups and Hangups” Girls and Sex

Week 5: Feb 7 Rape responses

Guest Lecturer Irina Sadovina

Stanford student letter to her Attacker, BuzzFeed News

Mary Gaitskill, “On Not Being a Victim” Harpers (Blackboard)

Peggy Orenstein, “Blurred Lines, Take Two” Girls and Sex

Week 6: Feb 14 Oral Histories

Oral History workshop by Lauren Kirshner

****Turn in, for my viewing, free-writes written in class****

Week 7: Feb 21 READING WEEK

Week 8: Feb 28 Trans

Juliet Jacques, Trans. Verso, 2015.

Lambe, Stacy. (5 December 2016). “Janet Mock on the Importance of Representation on the Trans List.” Entertainment Weekly.

Week 9: Mar 7 Feminism and its Discontents

Jessa Crispin, “Why I Am Not a Feminist”

Laurie Penny, “Being a perfect girl can kill you.” The Guardian

(discussion of interview projects: bring 5 questions)


Week 10: Mar 14 Sex Work

Guest Lecturer Lauren Kirshner

Hidden Sex Slaves of Massage Parlours (2016)


Week 11: Mar 21 TV/Women’s Friendships

Broad City (episodes t.b.d.)

Insecure (episodes t.b.d.)

Week 12: Mar 28

Presentation of Interview Projects

Week 13: Apr 4

Presentation of Interview Projects