It was beyond odd for me today to sit in class knowing that this seminar was over and that the chances of me being in the same classroom with these same people was not that great. Everyone in that class helped me grow so much more than I expected. I came into U of T liberal to begin with but still not informed about so much. I always called myself a feminist but never knew just how much there was to being a feminist. But for me, I think the best part of this seminar was that it was the complete opposite of a con hall lecture. For a group of 15 something women to sit around and talk about their experiences with hookup culture or even mental health has taught me so much more than any con hall lecture did in 7 months. I learnt that sitting in a lecture hall and having a professor dictate facts at you is not the only way to learn. This class has taught me so much more than I expected and the realness and rawness everyone brought with them isn’t something you find in university classes which is what I loved the most. This class allowed me to still talk about what I’m passionate about and relate it to feminism especially with what’s happening politically now. positive-body-image


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