I find it bizarre that immediately when most people hear the phrase “selling your body” the first image to pop into their heads is of a sex worker. The reality is, all of the highest salary jobs––famous athletes, champion boxers, and glamorous performers, manipulate and destruct their bodies for the sole gain of wealth.

In all competitive sports, athletes constantly have severe injuries, such as concussions or broken ribs. These grotesque injuries are normalized and accepted; it is assumed a part of the career. Meanwhile, these hockey players are estimated to be making at least a whopping 5 million dollars per year. More severely, UFC fighters can make over a billion dollars for a single match, where they stand in a bloody ring and attempt to beat each other enough times that one of them is completely unconscious. More often than not, the losing fighter has zero recollection of the fight. These same fighters constantly flip between binging and purging in ridiculous extremes to manipulate their weight-class so they qualify with an unfair advantage to fight lower-weight class components. The high-risk and violent nature of professional competitive sports are embraced by both the athletes and the audience. These athletes destroy their physical bodies for the multi-million dollar reward–it certainly constitutes as selling your body at a very grand scale.


Ironically, sex work is the oldest existing career yet remains extremely stigmatized. Can someone please explain to me how sex work is less moral than violent competitive sports?



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