Anything Works As Work

I think the judgement of sex-work being an unacceptable form of income comes from the idea that someone a person should not be able to profit from “selling their body”. This idea is ridiculous to me because physical labour is a way to make money in other forms, for example construction workers, maids, truck drives, etc.

I believe that the idea of sex work being looked down upon is because of the ideas certain people have about “sex”. I think the idea of sex being a “commodity” in which can be “bought” and in turn “sold” sits uneasy with people because 1) they do not want to believe that female sex workers can have sex for money without emotional attachment to the person they are having sex with 2) that money should not come so “easy” and 3) that there are “better ways to make money”.

I think when people realize that not everyone views sex the same way, and that some people do not attach so much meaning to having sex, they will realize that sex, for some people, can be had without strong, or even any, emotional attachment, which can make sex work just another form of “work”. In this day and age people have found a way to make money in so many different ways. Whether it’s by playing video games and winning 100K at competitions, gaining a large enough following on social media which brings forth sponsorships, or even posting videos of you counting to 100000 on YouTube, which I recently just saw.

The time of endless possibilities of how to make money is upon us, and I think when a person is trying to make money by means of using their own body, the government should rather than ban it, which will lead to back-alley, or back-page, activity, they should focus on making the culture one that is safe for every party involved.

Although morally I am against sex work for myself, I have come to the realization that other people’s moral compass is different, and the best resource for cases like these, is the resource of security.strippers




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