Is Sex a Profession ???

Prostitution, escorts, strippers – what are your thoughts when you hear these words? Do you just think they’re professions just like being a teacher, or an athlete. Or are they words of degradation? I’m the person who falls between “you should have the right to do what you want” but only to a certain limit. So what do I define as this limit? To be honest, I have no idea where this limit crosses the line or not, because as women it’s hard to define whether sex work is liberating or humiliating.  On one side we can argue, it’s liberating to do what you want with your body. However on the other side we can argue that it’s not a respectable profession. It makes me question is it really okay to be using your body like this? In class we realized a lot more of us don’t know our opinion on sex work and are fearful of expressing how we feel cause we might be wrong. Is society making us think a certain way of being on one side or the other. So then why is it that media and movies glamorize strip clubs and “making it rain” as something aspirational. What does society really want us to think? What’s right? What’s wrong? Sometimes we come into class expecting a definite answer, but I’m leaving with more questions on this topic then when I started and I still don’t know how I feel about sex work as a profession.


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