Self love

When watching the episodes of Insecure and Broad City for tomorrow’s class, all I could notice was how the women had been portrayed. Just recently in another class, we learned about the Bechdel Test which gets used to see if women are portrayed stereotypically or not in films and tv shows. It’s not a necessarily a hard test to pass just a checklist that the movie/ show needs to pass. So when watching the two tv shows, I couldn’t help but do a mental check list and see that the shows passed the Bechdel Test. Women in both shows were proud of who they were and not ashamed of being sexually liberated. When a woman has sex and enjoys it with various men she gets automatically labelled a slut but for men they just get high fives and get told by society that “boys will just be boys”. I couldn’t help but think back to a discussion we had in class about less than a month ago about how it’s women who will end up putting other women down more often than men.

Growing up, I was already conscious of being more busty than the rest of the girls in my grade and rather than the boys making me more conscious it was the girl’s. From the girl’s in my grade to elder family members. My best friend from high school and I had a lot in common including our bra sizes, but the biggest difference between us was our self confidence. She had no issues posting photos of her at the beach or wearing a low cut shirt while my grandma would make me wear sports bras underneath regular clothes to “push them in”. Reflecting back, I regret not being more proud of my body and being sexually liberated in a sense. I know they’re girls out there whose situations are much worse than mine and I can only hope they learn to not be put down by people they’re surrounded by and as easy as that it is to say I know hard it is to have high self confidence and it’s something that does not come easily or quicklyo-kim-kardashian-emily-ratajkowski-facebook


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