Let’s talk about sex

While watching Insecure and Broad City this past week, the most refreshing theme for me was seeing women portrayed as confident and sexually liberated beings. It’s not often that women are portrayed as the ones making sexual decisions for themselves, and a lot of stigma surrounds the idea that women can enjoy sex as much as men. More often than not, when a woman is shown to like sex, she is instantly portrayed as a “slut” or a “whore”, when this isn’t the case at all. A woman is allowed to enjoy sex just as much as any man, and seeing characters living every day lives expressing the sexual sides of themselves without repercussion was encouraging for me as a young woman.

I remember being younger, and being told what a shameful thing it was for a girl to have sex before marriage. This is an ideal I held onto well into high school; I even looked down on some of the girls around me who had been supposedly coerced into the act. Looking back on this past version of myself, I’m disappointed, because the truth is that it’s perfectly normal to want and have sex, which is something I’ve since learned.

Although religion, personal comfort, and other reasons may stop a girl from becoming sexually active at any stage in her life, I hope girls who are ready to take that step know they’re only human for doing so, and shows like these can help encourage those positive thoughts.


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