Is Sex really work?

I’ve always wondered about the world of sex work and what it really entails. I’ve questioned how sex has become a commodity in the world we live in. Personally, sex has always been something intimate and personal that I don’t see how others can share and make a profit off of. Sometimes it seems to be a necessity and a means for survival in order to provide for oneself or a family. Other times it can be a way to pay for schooling, or even be a stepping stone into overcoming an obstacle, but above all there are many reasons why we don’t know why sex work becomes an option. Whatever the case may be, it leads to many assumptions made by the public and becomes a concept where the media and society stereotype the hell out of it and question it as a profession, thus confusing my opinion on sex work.

Sex work becomes the kind of work that although it is looked down upon by most people, it is also very glamorized in the media with TV, fiction novels, documentaries and movies. This leaves me in sort of a state of confusion in how to really feel about sex work and constantly asking myself a series of questions in order to form an opinion. Do I look down upon those who work in the field of sex work? No. Would I do it myself? No. Do I see it as empowering if it is something a woman does on her own terms and uses her sexuality as a benefit? No. Do I think sex work should be illegal? No. Would I treat a sex worker and a doctor with the same respect? Yes. Do I see sex as a profession or as work? I don’t know.


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