Episode 3 – Racist as F*ck

Being a visible minority, I can completely relate to Issa’s feelings and efforts as she is planning the beach trip for the black youth at work. The many encounters she has had with her white co-workers depict perfectly what it is like for a community to rise while experiencing racism in a subtle yet verbal form. For example, when her co-workers are in the staff room questioning if these kids will behave on the trip, where the transportation will come from, if they will even be interested in a beach trip as opposed to a day on the  basketball court makes it very difficult for a marginalized community to prosper. Remarks such as: ‘Why can’t black kids swim?’ and ‘I think they will be better suited for the basketball court’ only hinders the growth of community. This is quite ironic seeing as the people who work to better the community are those who perpetuate the stereotypes.

The struggle once again intensifies when the group of kids are misbehaving and being belligerent. Issa sees that her colleagues are continuing to speak badly of her plan. While she tries to lecture the kids and says that they are in ‘mixed company’ meaning in the presence of ‘white’ people , she encourages the children to prove the stereotypes wrong. However this takes a terrible turn when they become even more loud and belligerent. It is not only those that work for the community who make matters worse with their subtle racism but it can also be the black youth themselves who perpetuate the stereotype. This leaves us all questioning, are we all to blame? and if so, how do we fix the problem when everyone is the problem?


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