Sex Workers

From the presentation last week in class about sex work, I learned a lot of new things regarding sex work. From the documentary “Hidden sex slaves of massage parlours” I did not know that massage parlours offered sex to customers. So many of the women who worked at the parlours were sex workers and lived at the parlours. Many of the women were immigrants. There are so many people around the world who engage in prostitution and sex work that it makes it nearly impossible to stop it. I question what the government can do to stop sex work?

I was shocked to know that a lot of people who pay to have sex or are working for sex are married or in partnership with someone. I question how people (men and women) can live with themselves if they are participating in sex with someone other than their partner? There are so many risk with engaging in prostitution/sex work. Those risk essentially can affect their partner. The risk of STDs being transmitted to their partner would be unfair to the partner because most couples don’t expect or want their partner engaging in sex with someone other than them.

People have the choice to live however they want to. For that reason, if someone choses to have sex for money that’s fine.  I do have a problem with people being forced to be sex workers out of their will.


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