A Little Too Insecure

EP. 6 – Guilty as f*ck

I find this episode of Insecure really interesting not because of Issa’s story line, but because of a conversation that Molly has with her love interest about his sexuality. In this episode, Molly admits that she had been intimate with a woman in her past. All seems well until Jared, her love interest, mentions that he had been intimate with a man in his past.

I think that the juxtaposition between male and female sexuality in a heteronormative setting is interesting because it shows us that women are “allowed” to explore their sexuality more than men. This leads me to think of how much we, as a society, value relationships between women and if we consider them lesser because of the fact that women are often seen as overly sentimental and caring anyways.

I also think that it’s important to address the added factor of blackness in the conversation about sexuality. Black folks are often hyper sexualized, while queer black sexuality is frequently overlooked or negated. Not to mention the added erasure of bisexuality and sexual fluidity.

Later on Molly says to her friends, recounting the experience, that she wants her man “to be a man”. This is interesting because she considers him less of a man because of a gay sexual encounter. She also seems to be basing her worth and the validity of her relationship on her partner’s sexuality.


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