The right way to go about addressing body image

As much as I would hate to admit it, my mother is not the greatest at encouraging me to feel comfortable in my own skin. She, in turn, is not comfortable in hers and that made an impression on my two older sisters and I. Admittedly, it came from a good place of health and concern for our general well being, to avoid encouraging bad habits, but as long as it was a topic of discussion, it would be a concern in my life.

I did not always have a problem with my body. To quote a poem by Alma Luz Villanueva, “I was a skinny tomboy kid.” I ran around in my brother’s hand me down shorts and sneakers with tee-shirts I got from T-ball and the ice cream shop, but as I watched my sisters go through puberty before following myself, I noticed that all of the women in my life have the same insecurities.

Whether it’s a pressure by men on women, or women on women, I am not sure. All I know is that we bond over sharing these same concerns, feeling the same pressures and physical wants. The problem with the look and the number in regards to body image is that they reflect only a marginal amount of what is healthy, and a movement should be made instead to disregard the arbitrary concepts and instead celebrate habits and actions, a greater reflection of what is actually important, I think only then will women be able to feel comfortable in whatever body type they have.  


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