The problem with prostitution

Watching the video on girls being trafficked and hidden as sex slaves by posing as masseuses is absolutely messed up. At first the video starts off with the inspector searching around and finding these signs of the girls being prostituted, but all he can do is give tickets for misdemeanour like not wearing enough clothes. These girls are so helpless that even if they wanted to voice for help they can’t in fear that their families would be hurt or be ousted as a prostitute and shaming their family. The language barrier doesn’t help the situation at all but gives the managers of these massage parlours an advantage to avoid questions they don’t want to answer. Its these stories that makes it really difficult for me to form a consensus on the legality of prostitution. On the other side, i can understand for someone in different (better) circumstances who willingly chooses to participate in this work, like Cardi B who unapologetically publicize, would want prostitution to be legalized as a form of work that pays good six figure digit salaries. However, clearly thats not the case for these massage parlour workers because they are forever in this debt that they can not realistically pay off. The amount of corruption that comes from prostitution cannot be handled and would only be worse i think if it ever does become legalized.


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