I would like to build off my blog post from last week today, looking at what being a feminist means through the lens of Jessa Crispin. Jessa believes that the word feminist doesn’t accurately describe the movement that she wants to be a part of. Like others Jessa feels that the feminist movement has become a man hating war and some women want dominance not equality. Many women blame men for their lower position in society, determining themselves as a separate group from men. In Jessa eyes belonging to a separate group means possessing the opposite qualities of that group therefore, some feminists are saying that men and women cannot complete the same tasks. This reinforces the idea of the gendered division of labour and combats equality. It is important for feminists to remember that things determined ‘feminine’ need to be valued the same by men and women. By women trying to make men feel lesser than them they are only repeating the cycle of hatred, projecting their faults onto men.

It is important for men and women to work together to gain equality, making house hold tasks equal, job opportunities equal and the way we treat each other equal. This goal for equality is the way Jessa Crispin views feminism, which is why i think the word to better describe the movement Jessa wants to be apart of is equalism.




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