International Mens Day?

Wednesday was International Womens’ Day, where we celebrated the efforts and achievements of women around the world while acknowledging the work which is still to be done to achieve equality.  There is no doubt that Wednesday was a great day for women, however, how much did we actually accomplish with our supportive snapchat stories and uplifting Instagram posts?

Feminism includes the equal rights, freedom, and opportunities for women as well as men.  Yet we seem to be forgetting about the men part.  As stated by Jessa Crispin in “Why I Am Not A Feminist”, the empowerment of women should not be built on the chastisement of men, nor should it present any superiority of one gender over the rest.  If equality is what we are striving for, then every gender should be treated equally.  If we want more men to be feminists, then treating them the same way we would like to be treated is a good first step.  If we devoted a day to women, why not devote a day to men? or transgenders? or those who do not identify? It seems we need to even the playing field, because womens’ rights are human rights, and humans rights include everyone.




One thought on “International Mens Day?

  1. I can’t help but respond with a “…um, because every day is International Men’s Day? Every day we celebrate the power of men, their accomplishments, and their personalities!”


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