How can we destroy what we have?

Change in is inevitable, and in some cases necessary. My idea of feminism has changed in the past 3 years rapidly, than in my entire 18 years of life. As women we have been fighting for our rights immensely, but what are we really fighting for? Jessa Crispin really made me question whether we want to dominate or share the pedestal with patriarchy. Are we fighting for equality or power? Either way there is no win win, because everyone can’t be satisfied. Equality or not, someone will take control and demolish what we have, but Crispin is suggesting this exact demolition. What a radical thought! It seems impossible to achieve what we want as women because there is no clear cut solution to the issue. We need to change our entire lifestyle to adapt to her suggestions. Realistically what group of people, nation or community is willing to sacrifice what they have in search of a new feminism. The idea of not even knowing what the new feminism could be is a radical thought itself. We have made progress, and as humans we have a history. We can’t destroy everything, and wipe it clean to restart our notion as feminists. It’s difficult to find ‘c’ the solution, when ‘a’ and ‘b’ won’t add up. There are so many different types of feminism, and approaches to equality. Each feminist has a varying ideology unique to their personalized experience, making ‘a’ and ‘b’ impossible to add up. We’ve come a long way, and can’t destroy everything we’ve done thus far. I agree we definitely haven’t reached the ideal system, and have a much further journey to walk, but like I said change is inevitable, but in this case not necessary.


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