Equality and Girl Power

Equality is a funny word. Funny, in that it seems so simple, and yet it will never exist. From race to religion to gender, one is always battling another, and drawing comparison that one is lesser than the other.

Feminism is an ideal that has gone too far in this sense. The ultimate goal of the movement was for all genders to be equal, with the title of feminism because girls are the ones being oppressed. It’s turned it’s tables though, and now has become a widely confused word meaning that women are the best, when this simply isn’t the fact. This isn’t me saying women are bad, all I mean is women shouldn’t be held any more or less worthy than any other gender.

Despite what it has become, feminism still needs to exist. Being a woman is something that is difficult for many of us. Day in and out, we face scrutiny for not being beautiful enough, skinny enough, sexy enough, or submissive enough. This becomes a challenge for us all to break down the ideal that our worth is in our appearance, and that that appearance has to fit a specific shape.We are so much more than one image, or one type of human.

I’m positive we are on the right track for change. Last week in class, it gave me hope to hear about all our personal definitions of what we felt made us women, and what that looked like on us. We’ve got this girls.



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