Does the perfect girl exist?


Laura Penny’s article left me wondering why, again and again, women are the victims of oppression. Penny claims that a “girl must stay slim and fragile if she wants to be beautiful and loved” and unfortunately enough, this is true in society. Society is controlled by men, and men will always find ways to bring girls and women down. Women will be judged based on their body size, beauty or even education. When a woman becomes too powerful in society, she is told that her body is unacceptable. This raises the issue of eating disorders. As females, we are constantly told by society that we need to have a certain body type to be accepted and to have access to “equal” rights. Many girls think they are not good enough and are deeply affected by the societal norms of a perfect body. As a female myself, I find it unfair and disgusting that we, as females, can’t have desires. According to Penny “if we have desires, we are expected to conceal them, to control them, to keep ourselves in check.” Females are seen as the objects of desire.

Our minds are deeply affected by the perfect image of a girl, but does this imagine really exist or is it just socially constructed making people believe that it exists? The phrase that “nobody is perfect”, has been said by many, but is true. Why can’t we, females,  judge a guy? We are no longer considered as perfect if we identify ourselves as feminist and don’t pursue the notion of “being a perfect girl” but I rather be a feminist than be perfect.




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