1lb away from 100k salary!

It’s heartbreaking to read about how so many girls are suffering from bulimia or anorexia especially because someone very close to me is suffering the same illness. Reading the article from Laurie Penny it almost seems very overly aggressive and far fetched. The connection between salaries and weight gain sounds ludicrous and to have such a bold statement saying starvation is based on fears of punishment from entering the patriarchal space (corporately?) doesn’t seem to really reflect the reason why the person i know to be destructive in this nature. In fact, I’m skeptical of the article making it seem like the main reason majority of the victims that practice bulimia is directly related to corporate issues. In any case i think the two are only indirectly related. I don’t think people who decide who to hire or raise salaries uses their weight to evaluate someones competency but the culture that accepts the ideal skinny body image could subconsciously influence one’s likability and trust. Its the same influence as how “prettier” people are seen as more trustworthy and charming. Although they’re not judged on how pretty they are, the charm that they feel is. Although it is a problem, i don’t think it is easy to change people to separate the two. I feel like more practically, and what should have also been the discussed more, is the culture that perpetuate these body images that has caused these corporate issues in relation to people’s body weight.


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