Just a little reflection…

I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not enormously educated about the particulars of gender identity. That is certainly not to say that I am avoiding gaining further knowledge, or that I don’t care about the topic, however it is definitely an indicator that I have not been exposed to many people who openly identify as anything other than cisgender. Perhaps this is the reason that I found our most recent class discussion about gender so compelling. Hearing all of my peers in the Girls and Sex course describe their experiences with their own femininity and their approach towards womanhood is something that was sometimes surprising, often touching, and wholly intriguing. I have grown to realize that as a white, cisgender, heterosexual woman, I am immensely privileged to have never needed to give any consideration to my sexuality or gender identity. Under no circumstances have I ever had to question who I am or if I will be accepted due to my gender, and that is truly a blessing that I mustn’t take for granted.

In many of my blog posts, I have tried to make arguments about a topic that was discussed in class, and have used this space as a platform to express my opinions. However, this post is simply a reflection, with the only real point that I am trying to make being that I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many brave, interesting, honest people in this class who are willing to open themselves up and share their stories.


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