The Transphobic Feminist

This week during class, Professor Jagoe brought up a point that interested me, is it unjust for “feminists” to exclude people who are transgender?  To me the word feminist has always been a synonym to the word equality, I thought to be a feminist was wanting to be treated fairly and treating others fairly. However, in the last six months I have come to the realization that there are many different kinds of feminists that exist.

There are the feminists that I strive to be, the people dedicated to equality, fighting for and with everyone. These feminists are the leaders of feminism, there not just the white followers blindly marching with the movement. These are the women who create change for not only the white females of society but for everyone.

On the other hand you have the ‘bad feminists’ who choose to discriminate against others, who choose to discriminate against the transgender and transsexual members of our society. Many strong feminists choose to fight for their rights because they believe (as they should) that women deserve more. Sadly, the same strong women can often think negatively of a transgendered feminist for the reason that they have not always been a ‘women’. These feminists believe that transgender women don’t know what it feels like to have grown up in a mans world. This is the transphobic feminist.

The conclusion we came to in class is one i believe to be true, feminist isn’t the correct word to describe the the equality that is desired.


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