The media is a huge part of our lives. Social media, popular culture, apps, magazines, newspapers and tabloids not only shape human lives but sometimes define it, especially if one is a subject of the media. The game of broken telephone has transformed into what we now know as social media, which can be a very powerful tool in making and breaking someone’s mood, relationship, self-esteem or careers. It forms the decisions people make with their lives because people base it on what the media considers to be an adequate way to live your life. This is what Juliet Jacques book is about. How she, as a trans female wanted to live her life as a woman, but as she quotes, ‘the media didn’t want me to modify it.’

We constantly live between the good and bad of media. However, has the impact of media made matters easier or difficult for the trans community? Is it interfering with the gradual process of forming ones identity or creating a false sense of binary identity that is supposed to apply to everyone? With the case of Playboy model Caroline Cosey, it was not her choice to come out as a transwoman, instead she was outed by the tabloids. Would this take away from her process of self-identity, something she should have formulated on her own? Or should it be something that worked to her benefit because she is now the world’s most famous trans model, who created a platform and stepping stones for the rest of her community?


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