The portrayal of Transgenders in the Media


Over the years, the media has made significant contributions to society, and will continue to do so. The media impacts people and their decisions. Not being able to live up to societies standards, the way the media presents it, can eventually lead to self-destruction. However, the media has changed and has become more accepting. The trans community has been able to share and show society that being a transgender is a choice everyone should be able to make and not be judged for.

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, recently became transgender at the age of 66. Caitlyn Jenner has always been followed by the media and when she became transgender, the entire world knew. The trans people in the media have shown and continue to show that whether you’re a normal human being, or a famous celebrity, there is nothing wrong with being transgendered. Through the use of social media, trans people try to educate others and open people’s mind about the trans community. Documentaries such as the Trans List, or reality TV shows such as I am Cait, try to focus on the perspective of Youth, Elderly, Black, White, Latino etc., to get a better understanding of what being trans truly means.

Although I do think that the media has given transgenders an opportunity to be part of this society, they continue to struggle to gain acceptance and constantly struggle to not let any negative comments affect them. It is important to note that the media influences us and our views on society.



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