The Stanford Rapist

Brock Turner.

A swimmer.

A socialite.

A rapist.


Brock Turner is the name familiar to many after he was all over headlines.  “Stanford Swimmer Convicted for Rape” covered news letters, while schools held rallies to protest his freedom and short sentence. Why is it that the law has sympathy for rapists? Or rather, why does the law have sympathy for white teenage rapists?

After reading through the victims letter to her rapist, I realized that people aren’t protected by the law. An innocent woman being raped behind a garbage bin… and the predator  only receiving six months in jail instead of the maximum 14 years solely  because the Judge thought a longer sentence would have a severe impact on Brock Turner a.k.a the rapist, is a cruel reality of how privileged white cis men have.

Isn’t that the point of placing people in jail? To have a server impact on their life so that they can learn from their mistakes. I get it, the kid was a good swimmer and going to the Olympics, but what about justice? This entire situation makes me sick to my stomach because that be me, or a friend, or a family member, and it is clear that being sexually violated isn’t as intense or scaring as going to jail.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the reading and discussion is that people need to band together for what they believe is just. Six months isn’t just. Sympathy isn’t just. Rape isn’t just.






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