Hooking Up: Why

I think the idea of hook-up culture takes advantage of the term itself, but does not look into the reasons why people hook-up, it is just accepted as being. Hooking up is so common in the Western world that it is commonly seen as “different” when you don’t partake in this type of culture. I think this leads some people not to do the things they do because they “want” to, but rather so that they can be similar with those around them. Imagine if we were socialized in a way that emphasised not hooking up, or not drinking and doing other types of drugs; I think we would see that sometimes the way we behave is because we just condition ourselves to the norm rather than critically thinking and formulating opinions on life. More importantly, I think that if you surround yourself around people who make you feel odd for not being “the same” it will lead to a constantly doubting how you behave if you are not secure in who you are. Even being around people who are not alright with you being different from them is not an environment that will help you grow into a person you genuinely enjoy being. I believe knowing yourself is great, knowing why you do what you do. A simple reason for a person being involved in the ‘hook-up’ culture could be the simple fact that it is what they enjoy. Really anything could suffice, but I believe it is always great to ask yourself why you act and do the things it is that you do. It’s hard to understand the world around us sometimes, but I don’t think it should be also hard to understand yourself.


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