Would I join a sorority?

Ah yes, Greek life. Omega- Alpha- whatever, no matter how you spin it sororities are a safe haven for many and a torture chamber for others.

The media advertises that sororities are meant for thin, rich, blonde girls who have fancy parents and designer clothing. It is where the upper-middle class go to stay elite and do so while finding any excuse to dress up. Some of those factors excite me, I’d love living in a house with cute decor and feeling posh. The “sister-hood” seems appetizing… but it’s not a true bond between women, it’s a bond between class.

Sister-hood is a strong word. It should be inclusive to everyone who identifies as a woman or even between the binary. Greek life doesn’t seem to be very accepting of the LGBTQ+ community or people who fall between the binary.  For these reasons, I wouldn’t join  a sorority. I would rather use my extra time volunteering, or studying… rather then adding myself to some gender-segregated organization that I would have to impress to be a member. There’s something about the chants, the conformity, there’s no individually inside the sorority because you are defined by the label on your building.


Kappa- Alpha- not joining


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