Learn to Like Yourself First

I think liking who you are, and being confident in who you are is all that should matter when dealing with how the world perceives you. I remember spending first year just being so involved in how I was perceived by others. All I would spend time doing throughout the day was making sure I looked a certain way. Looking back, it was such a worthless waste of my time. The only one positive thing that came out of it was that I became really dedicated in fitness because of that, I think the means to that end just weren’t the best, or the most positive, but I do appreciate where I am now. Reading what Serena wrote about worrying about being the “ugliest”, makes me recall a recent conversation I had with my best friend, Jenna. She told me how one of her friends that she had drifted away from spoke to her recently and admitted that she was jealous, and because of that she would treat Jenna disrespectfully whenever she was feeling down, or felt that she wasn’t able to get the same type of attention she believed Jenna received. This care that she had about how others saw her made her become so bitter, and ultimately end a great friendship. Thankfully, for her, though her means were not the best, the end is now that she feels much more confidence in herself, and most importantly, she likes who she is. I think that is what we as females, and males, should stress more than anything above all. If you are someone who relies on external validation I think that your life will be extremely complicated, because a day without validation may become your everyday fear. Whereas, I feel when you spend the time needed to like yourself as you are, you live life fully, without worrying whether you got a compliment throughout your day or not, you feeling as though you are great as you are allows you to be brave and focus on the things you genuinely want. So, I believe that self-love should be at the forefront at all times, then you can wear and do what you want without worry if it’s seen as “wrong” because you are constantly trying to be a better you, based off your own prototype of what is best.black-woman-self-esteem-640x400


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