Hook Up Culture

It seems like dating is a term that is rarely part of our generation’s vocabulary anymore and is instead being replaced with “hooking up”. Some people interpret it as when two people get together and experience an intimate moment such as a kiss. Others go as far as saying that hooking up means sex. When you think about it, what draws the line between hooking up and dating? I guess in today’s world, people would define dating as a serious or committed relationship between two people who devote their time and love to only each other, whereas hooking up would just be two people who enjoy or are sometimes in the mood to share intimate moments with each other. Meanwhile, they could be doing this with multiple people. It appears that the biggest difference is that one is serious and the other is casual.

I understand that there are a lot of people who are okay with hook ups and things like casual sex but at the same time it seems a little cowardly as well as immature in certain situations. By this I mean that people might be afraid to have something serious in their life and instead just find it more comfortable to fool around or experience pleasure for their own convenience. It can also get really complicated! What if one person starts to develop true feelings for the other? In my opinion, if hook ups are something that some people prefer, then that is their choice and it’s perfectly acceptable. However, I also believe that they do have the ability to take a negative turn and cause people to feel like they are being manipulated and taken advantage of.


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