Girls and Sex.

Boys and Sex.

Them and Sex.

Why can’t sex just be sex? Why does it have to be submissive? Or Manipulative? Why does what I choose to wear always have to have a “hidden meaning”.  During class, my group of three rehearsed dialogue from the book Girls and Sex, all relating to what we wear and why we wear it. And for the hour that we sat and talked through questions regarding ” do you wear things to feel sexy” “Do you try to outshine your friends to not be the “ugliest”  I tried to find fancy philosophical answers in class. Reflecting a few days later I can honestly say that I don’t care what I wear. I don’t try to dress sexy to outshine people.

While we discussed the actions of young women in terms of how they dress or why they wear certain thing, are we not slut shaming?  Our idea of feminism being pulled back 50 years. It feels as though theres an underlying shame if woman admit to dressing sexy for a guy.  People should not care what I wear or what you wear. This liberal “freedom” to dress  how you feel is hypocritical. Because society does judge what you wear. It’s as if the world can not stop sexualizing bodies. Bodies have a function, and so do clothes. Plain and simple. Lets leave the misogynistic  thread behind and just let bodies be bodies and clothing be cloth.


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