How do we decide right from wrong?

Girls in this society are always trying to make a point and send a message, whether it’s fighting for their rights, wearing clothing with slurs on them, or posting with uprising captions. This generation wants to see the change faster, and they do it by challenging societal norms. However we still can’t differentiate the right from wrong. In recent years I think it’s become normalized for girls to engage in unwanted sexual activities. Society has normalized the sexualizing of girls and their behaviour, and it’s always hard to draw the line between empowering and degrading. The way you dress can be an expression, but how can we judge when it crosses the line of inappropriate- then again what’s inappropriate?
In class we discussed these issues and how we approach them, but there is no distinct line or answer to the rapid way society is manipulating and changing us. Technology has helped our movements and future of our girls, but like Peggy mentions it’s the dissonance between if it’s really empowering or not. I don’t think girls should be judged or told how to dress and behave, but at the same time as the years pass the generation starting to experiment and explore becomes younger and younger. Our ideologies and technology plays a role in normalizing this absurd behaviour. Ideologies are very much alive in society when we don’t notice how it’s deceiving us. We haven’t been actively realizing the impact the cosmetic industry, social media, gender norms have played in socializing these girls to conform a certain way, but now we’re getting the conversation started but what’s next?


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