The Diary of a Teenage Girl

I personally did not enjoy the movie “the diary of a teenage girl”. The movie made me feel uncomfortable because of the kind of relationship Monroe and Minnie had.  The relationship they had was inappropriate based on their ages.  What shocked me most was the way Minnie’s mom handled finding out about the relationship.  Which made me question, why Charlotte handled knowing about the relationship her daughter had so simple?Most parents if they knew their child was in a relationship with an older man would be furious and call the cops. Charlotte just told Monroe to marry Minnie now that they had intercourse.

In class the question came up of ‘who the victim would be (in the movie)’? Although Minnie threatened to tell her mom if Monroe left her, Minnie is still the victim. Monroe is a 35-year-old guy and should know better than to be sleeping with a minor even if she suggest/wants to. The whole relationship Minnie and Monroe had could have been avoided the day when Monroe and Minnie were at the bar.  Monroe should have not: 1. Gone to the bar with Minnie, 2. Told Minnie that he was aroused and 3. Told her that he would have sex with her. It does not matter what Minnie would have told him, he should know better as an adult not to engage in an inappropriate/ sexual manner with a minor.  Although I did not enjoy the movie, the movie does show the audience a perspective of someone else’s experiences in their life.


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