Please or Pleasure?

After reading Zoe Heller’s article on “Hot Sex and Young Girls”, I have to agree with one of the main points made about how girls in today’s society are more inclined to use social media as something that will please others, rather than looking for what pleases them and their own desires. It is just becoming more evident every time we log into the different social media apps that girls are putting themselves out there more by editing their faces and bodies to get the attention of boys. For example, there are countless apps for whitening teeth, tanning the skin, enlarging the butt and so forth. It’s amazing how a simple device like a smartphone can have such great power over completely altering the mind of someone and cause them to become so narrow-minded by only thinking through one lens which is “the girl that everyone wants to have sex with” or “the hottest girl”.

Also, the notion of pleasing others ties into sex because the same process happens here too. Does a girl actually want to have sex because she wants to become more intimate and shares strong feelings of love with her partner, or does she just want to simply please the guy because she is afraid to say no and doesn’t want to seem like a buzzkill? Or perhaps to gain some experience and gloat about the fact that she isn’t a virgin anymore? Whatever the reasons are and as much as I understand the fact that some people just prefer casual sex rather than it forming into a long-term relationship, I still think that in any situation, sex should still be something that is intimate and desired by both parties rather than just “doing for the sake of doing”.



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