Believed Intentions vs. Reasons for Being


After watching the Film, ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’ it made me really contemplate that ideas we still hold as true. Most specifically, how we discussed in class that Munroe could not possibly have been a victim, but rather he was the “older” one, so he should have known better. I think we tend to think a lot of the times that older being older in age, means we are older in mind and that our experiences are so vast beyond those who are younger than us. But, I would like to contest that, I think that age should not ultimately play a part in whether a relationship is good or not. If a man, in this case Munroe, is stimulated by this younger teenage girl being interested in him and acts upon it, I feel it showcases more than his inexperience, rather than the experience we believe he has based off his age.

It also leads me to recall to times when I was watching the television show, ‘To Catch a Predator’. Some of the men on the show, even though it may seem “controversial” to say, I do not believe they were predators. Ephebophiles do exist, but I feel at times these men were just infatuated by the idea of having sex, and because of they let the desperation take control and blind them to making good decisions. In the show some of them were so worried because they were over 20 years of age and were still virgins that they were after anyone who would even give them the possibility of them reaching this goal, no longer being a virgin. Bad regardless, I feel that this kind of relates to the relationship between Minnie and Monroe. For both parties I believe neither one was just willing to get into a relationship with their kind of age gap, nor their kind of naivety level; it sort of occurred outside of all those confines. I think that’s what this taught me, the kind of new enlightenment I was able to receive from this movie; I don’t believe we will ever be able to know someone’s true intentions and their motivations, but I also don’t believe that every action, or every circumstance can only have one reason for being.


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