Age isn’t the Issue

“The Diary of  a Teenage Girl” is a movie that thrilled me, I personally enjoyed a movie that wasn’t about two people who are the same age, going through the same things in life, and falling in love… in the same normal way.

Obviously, the nasty issues with “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” include the fact that Monroe was a supposed to be a father figure to Minnie but, instead he took her virginity and the factor of the age gap. I personally don’t find large age gaps between two people who truly love each other a big deal however, I understand how in this film the 20 years between Monroe and Minnie is can be seen as extreme.

Until the scene when Monroe has a “bad trip”on acid and cries to Minnie about how much he loves her you question his intentions in this weird relationship they have. At first you believe its only a pedophile fucking his 15 year old step-daughter, but throughout the movie i was more and more convinced that there was an actual love between Monroe and Minnie.

With just simply watching the “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” once a person might not be able to see that Minnie is not just the victim, she is a sex crazed teenager who has an insane sex drive, a sex drive that was too powerful for the undeveloped boys her age. When disregarding the social situation Minnie and Monroe are in, one could say their sexual drives enlighten each other.


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