Diary of a Teenage Girl


The movie “Diary of a Teenage Girl” left me speechless in the first 10 minutes. As I was listening and watching a 15 year-old girl talking about having sex with her step-father for the first time, I was left speechless. How does a 15 year-old feel so proud for not being a virgin? “I had sex for the first time” were the first words that came out of her mouth. Not only did Minnie have sex with a 35 year-old, she shows her passion for sex in various ways. Minnie hooks up with girls and guys her age or older and explores the world of drugs and sex at a young age.

During the discussion, many of my classmates pointed out the age gap and the relationship between Minnie and her step-father. Is there such a thing as appropriate age gaps? And does this apply equally to men and women?

Many girls feel that sex is what turns them into a real woman, just like Minnie felt after having sex for the first time, and are embarrassed when they are asked if they are still a virgin. What surprises me the most is how society will even judge a person based on their virginity. Society forces young girls to do things they might not be ready for, just to fit in. Girls should not feel the need to be pressured into doing things they are not ready for because in the end, they will only hurt themselves. Sex is not and should not be something that determines and defines you as a woman or man.


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