The Diary of a Teenage Girl

The Diary of a Teenage Girl focuses on the upbringing of a family dynamic and how that will affect a person later on in life. Minnie, the main character of the graphic novel and film is a fifteen year old girl growing up in the 70s. When thinking about this time in society, a lot of what was happening in the story was once acceptable in society; for example, doing drugs and women feeling and being strong and liberated. An example would be is when Minnie’s mother leaves her ex-husband, who is also Minnie’s step-father and is currently dating Monroe.

The relationship between Minnie and Monroe is quite interesting yet very disturbing. The story is unique in a sense in that no one is actually victimized. Legally, Minnie being this 15 year old girl who is having an affair with her mother’s boyfriend is against the law; Minnie would be the victim in this sense. However, I also thought that Monroe was victimized later on throughout the movie as Minnie tries to expand her relationship with him and manipulates him. Although I found this relationship with Minnie and Monroe truly disturbing as he is a much older man, I also had to remember that Minnie was just this young teenager who was probably just really confused and did not know how to deal with her inner feelings.

The relationship between Minnie and her mother on the other hand did have an affect on Minnie’s decision to have sexual interaction with Monroe in my opinion. I believe that because Minnie’s mother was not really being a mother, and had no other parental guidance; she felt like she needed an escape and to get back at her mother, she slept with Monroe. We can see Minnie and her path to try and be this strong liberated woman, even though her maturity level may not be where one would imagine it to be. Monroe on the other hand in my opinion should have known better than to sleep with someone whom he had a relationship with prior because of Minnie’s mother.


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