Sheila Heti

After learning more about Sheila Heti and the things she reflects on in her book, something that really stood out to me was the way she compared herself to the people around her. Especially her friend Margeaux. I find that comparing yourself to others by pointing out certain flaws in your own life and wishing you were more like someone else is detrimental to happiness and achieving success. In the book, Sheila expresses how she was married and then became divorced, or how her play isn’t worth continuing anymore. I can understand this perspective on how sometimes challenges emerge and people may become less motivated but this doesn’t mean that a person should constantly be starting over and over with aspects of their life just because they failed to make previous things work. Like the therapist in the book when she describes Sheila as a “puer”. This term in my opinion is really eyeopening and powerful. Why choose to run away from your problems? Why do we settle? Why is it such a natural instinct to give up when things become difficult? These are the questions I sometimes ask myself as well. So, as I have done a few times before, I feel the need to conclude this blog with another inspiring lesson which this book has emphasized to me. That is, to let yourself make mistakes and experience failure because that is the best way to learn, grow and move forward. It’s important to realize your own gifts and make something meaningful out of them, in Sheila’s case, she is a very talented and successful writer after all.


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