Diary of a (confused) Teenage Girl

After watching The Diary of a Teenage Girl, initially I wasn’t sure how to feel or react to the movie. Was this movie supporting the concept of 35 year old men sleeping with underage girls or was the movie purely just portraying a certain type of behaviour? So I found myself rewatching the film just so I could formulate my thoughts by the end of the movie the second time around. What I realized the second time around was, as I couldn’t help but think of myself at the age of 15 and Minnie’s intentions. It’s no secret that our hormones go berserk when we enter our teens and go through a rebellious phase that includes fighting with our parents non stop. The director makes it very evident when establishing the plot that Minnie and her mother do not have a solid relationship and that Charlotte is not exactly a very hands on mother. From what I understood watching the movie for the second time, initially Minnie slept with Monroe out of curiosity but the more her mother neglected her or she felt like Charlotte was neglecting her. In her mind, she thought she was getting back at her mother for neglecting her the more she slept with Monroe. So, at the end of Diary of A Confused Teenage Girl the second time, this movie (to me at least) showed the inner workings of the teenage mind especially at the ages of 14-15 and how curious teenagers are to experience the world and the extents that they will go to.


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