the cool guy

Interestingly, we all know the “cool girl” type.  In short, we discussed in class the need for said girls to fit in and adapt to the way men interact. It makes me wonder whether that woman feels the same way about herself as she does with other women?  Do her views toward women reflect how she feels about herself?  As a man, I am aware that the comfort in a woman lies naturally in another.  This is completely  understandable based on rape culture, and the superiority men hold over women in everyday life. This makes the “cool girl” concept very difficult for me to wrap my head around.

Why would someone put themselves in that position?  In the novel How Should a Person Be, Sheila makes herself subject to Israel only identifying every other woman’s potential worst fear.  It almost makes all that women have worked for, look pointless.  The idea of being the cool girl is to eliminate the fear brought on by men, however, it never actually keeps them safe.  The way men and women interact is solely based on the woman’s comfort in any scenario (rightfully so), there is always a factor of intimidation.  Unfortunately, that is unchangeable leaving the cool guys out to dry.


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