I think my posts have definitely had a devolving affect at some points, yet also evolving in other settings. My opinions at times weren’t fully formulated enough for me to write down coherent thoughts that seemed more thought-out. For example, when I wrote about ‘The Clique Imaginary’ I feel as though I did not properly articulate my feelings or opinions. I spoke about how everyone wants to be part of a “clique”, yet I didn’t take into account how the “outsiders” feel. I put the blame on them for feeling how they felt, I saw them being upset over cliques as being an interpretation rather than an actual fact of how their life was set around by cliques. I believe that because I had a specific opinion, that I still do believe is quite true, in the sense that being intimate with other human beings is something a lot of people crave and desire to attain at a certain point within their lives.

 I just think that I wasn’t as willing to put myself into another person’s perspective. Now, though, I feel as though I can formulate my thoughts and that I can truly take my time. It translates now even to my own regular, everyday life. I want to get my points across in a way in which anyone can fully understand me, and I feel as though when I plan out, think through and mentally decide what I want to get across and how I would like to present that idea in words. As well, now I can have argue different, or conflicting ideas and opinions beforehand. This allows me to test if what I believe holds up against contrasting beliefs. Opinions and criticisms don’t have to fit under being “true”, but it holding up shows that the opinions are plausible and to some extent understandable by different people, and that is something that is needed when you really want to broadcast how you feel about a topic.


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