Self Reflection

Like others in class have said, initially, I found the task of blogging quite intimidating. Writing my first blog post I was uncertain of myself, worried about expressing my true feelings. I focused on big themed concepts made up of very little with my personal experience. Quickly enough, I wondered why I ever cared, as blogging is to embody the individualized voice of the author. Throughout the last semester, it is evident I became more confident with my writing, allowing myself to truly express myself when I am deeply passionate about issues women face.

It is interesting to reread past blogs, seeing my thoughts encapsulated for me to return to see where I begun. When I revisit them, I can consider how my views and opinions might have changed since I wrote a piece, however I will never lose how I felt in that moment.

The topics and works we have discussed in class throughout the previous semester, have connected with me on an intimate level. I have grown a deep appreciation for blogging, as it gives me the opportunity to recognize other’s views and ideas, whether I diverge or can relate to what they have written. The discussion held considering each other’s blogs causes me to consider how each and every one of us are connected.

Finding my true self and choosing how I wanted to represent myself has always been a difficult task for me. It wasn’t until I started blogging that made me realize I don’t need to just be comical, or serious, or sarcastic, or sensitive. I am all of those things and choose to incorporate my genuine feelings into my posts whether it fits a “cookie cutter” theme or not. It is a known fact that expressing oneself through writing can be extremely therapeutic. I think, even after this class has ended, I will continue to blog to express my own self.


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