Same Old Blog Post

Let it be known that I am by no means a writer. I dabble in poetry, and can formulaically create a mean essay, but apart from this I am lacking in literary talent. Reading over my blogs, I notice that I have developed a bit of a method for myself. I start off with an introduction, like I have done here, go into a bit of speculation, and close off with my opinion as well as a cheesy takeaway message. It is seemingly out of habit, and a love for structure, that I have done this.

While I can appreciate that I do indeed meet the requirements of the blog post, adding in my own personal flavour as necessary, I could do with a little more creative thought. This may mean, god forbid, straying from the structure I so adore. There is potential in everything, but I need to push myself to achieve the level of insight I am striving for here!

I often read the posts written by other members of our class, and am amazed by the raw talent that I find. How I desire to achieve that kind of eloquence in my own work! Perhaps the solution is to dig a little deeper into myself, and the material we cover each week. I know that this semester I can stick to this goal, and perhaps I’ll find an even better method for creating the ideal blog post. It’s back to the drawing board with this one!


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