Metablog Post

Being a writer itself is a creative journey of expression. I was able to experience the power of words by writing blog posts throughout the first half of our semester. It is very tough to be able to write within 250 words about thick novels and long passages, but it also forces you to be more concise in your writing. This helps get your message across quickly and smoothly.

When I look back at my progress from September to December it is very evident my creative side started flourishing more and more.

The first two posts aren’t anything special, they lack multiple aspects. It’s disappointing to view the lack of depth and opinions in the writing. It was mainly summaries with information and vague opinions. The posts were broad and minimal of voice and tone. However jumping to the third post you can see a step closer to perspective. Personally my favourite blog post would be my fourth one, which was “My body is my body.” When I was writing it, I had lots of passion and emotions attached to it. Expression and emotions are vital in blog posts because it attracts readers to align with an opinion. By having an opinion it starts conversations and brings meaning to your writing.

My next steps for my posts are to continue writing with passion and try to reflect on teh information.


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