Metablog Post

Coming into the university life I was all ready to face new challenges and obstacles. As I was applying for classes to start off my first year, I came across “Girls & Sex”.  I like exploring and coming out of my comfort zone, and I applied for this course since my High School never offered anything like this. As I walked into the first day of “Girls & Sex”, I was surprised to see that the whole class was combined of all girls. It was something that was not new to me, because I attended an all girls HIgh School. Although that was not new, there were some topics that were introduced to me that I did not know much about before.

My experience with blogging for this class was interesting. I would blog about things that I learned and felt about a certain topic. I was able to express myself through blogging; I would express how I felt on the blog if I was not able to talk in the classroom. My favourite thing to blog about was my views on female censorship and how women are “deprived” from doing certain things because its not “acceptable” in our society. Blogging and being in this course opened up my views on Feminism, especially being in an environment with all women. I’ve come to actually enjoying blogging as it is something that I have never done before.


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