Metablog: Did I grow as a writer?

blog-793047_960_720As I started University of Toronto in September 2016, I had little knowledge on what being a feminist truly meant. As I took the course Girls and Sex and started to write my own blogs, integrating my own views and knowledge about feminism and other aspects of the world related to women, I realized that feminism in my opinion simply means equality.

I didn’t realize this until I went back and read all my previous blog posts. As a blog writer, I tried to integrate my personal views, culture, and religion into each post. In the post “Honour Killings”, I talked about my views and my country’s (Afghanistan) view on honour killings and feminism, these two views clearly did not overlap. I have noticed that I talk about social standard a lot in my blogs. The concept of social standards is something I have a hard time with simply because I never truly  understand them. As I move from my old blog posts to the more recent ones, I’ve noticed that I’m more comfortable and more confident with sharing my personal views and opinions. In my first blog post “Alienation in the Bell Jar”, I barely talk about how I feel and how reading the book has made me feel. In my latest blog post, “Censorship and the Female body”, I have showed that I’m not afraid to speak up and share my views on society’s social norms.

These blog posts not only made me feel comfortable in sharing my views, it also taught me how to write my opinion in 250 characters. I did find this challenging at first because 250 words is barely enough to write a blog on a Novel or a few articles. I think I’ve progressed as a writer and have become more stronger and  confident with my blogs over the past few months.


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