I was never a fan of blogging. If I’m being honest, I thought people who blogged were wasting their time because all came to mind was beauty tips and different sex positions. In fact, the only form of blogging I ever did was send my friends memes I found on Tumblr. However, as I completed each reading and did every blog post, I realized I was very small minded when it came to the world of blogging, and instead learned that I had my own tone and style of blogging; the cynical and argumentative style.

I noticed that my blog posts in the beginning were much longer in text and consisted of unsure ramblings. Due to the fact that I was unsure of how others were perceive my cynical and argumentative tone. If  the reading was grim and brooding I would often write paragraphs on how I agree with almost every statement, for example The Bell Jar. I began to resonate with Plath’s humour and support it. Inversely, when Alana Massey defined cliques as the downfall of womanhood, I stated society is consisted of cliques and such a social structure is hard to escape, considering her statement irrational. I criticized Frances’ erratic behaviour and impulsive life decisions and saw it as merely another ‘coming-of-age’ movie.

However, my viewpoint changed as soon as I posted about Roxane Gay and her definition of a ‘Bad Feminist’. It was one of the feelings you couldn’t put in words and say out loud because you weren’t sure if everyone else felt like that as well. Even with the Roxane Gay blog post I still exhibited very argumentative traits but at the same time it was on her behalf.



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