Rereading my previous posts in one sitting made me realize i became alot more comfortable blogging after each and every blog entry. I remember when making my first blogpost i was pretty nervous. I was very unsure about the tone and formality one was suppose to use but when in doubt, always use formal. But gradually i relaxed in my writing and as you can see in my last post “Free the Nipple” it is very casual. I was actually quite surprised rereading that last post as ive forgotten how uncensored it was and now I feel like i should bring back a little more formality in my next post.

From my past blog posts, many of them were more or less about gender expectations and the double standards that result from such expectations. These topics of focus definitely stem from my own personal experiences I’ve faced and the frustrations that still permits today. From the very first post to the very last, my dissatisfaction in the divide of gender resonates in my responses about the novel “The Bell Jar” and Petra Collin’s essay. In my first post I critiqued about the expectations a woman has for her chastity in contrast to the very very low obligation a man has to keep his. The theme of gender expectation continues to be of interest when I talked about Petra Collin’s essay and relating to how certain anatomy of one gender is acceptable in public while the other is not.

From the weekly blogging, I greatly value the fact that it forces me to sit down and make sense of my thoughts and unscramble it all into one coherent paragraph. I’m a life science student and english was not my best subject in high school so doing these daily blog posts has really strengthened my ability to write down my thoughts concisely.


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