Looking back on my previous blog posts, I noticed that my writing gradually became more personal throughout the term. At first, I was hesitant to post my opinion because I was uneducated in many of the topics and feared backlash. However, as the semester carried on, writing became comfortable and I started to share my thoughts on each subject.

In my first post about Bad Feminist, I wrote about Roxane Gay labelling herself a bad feminist due to her fear of criticism. Rereading the piece now, I notice how much I distanced my opinions from the novel due to that same fear. Because of my lack of knowledge on the feminist themes we covered, I was afraid of being wrong. In a way that made me a “bad blogger”, and I posted for the sake of marks rather than understanding the content. Compared to my more recent posts, I can see that my writing has grown, and that now I should shift my focus on elaborating my ideas and thoroughly explaining them.

The blog has helped me with sharing my thoughts, and slowly overcome my fear of voicing my opinions. I was never into blogging before this class, but after pushing myself to start, it’s become the one assignment I look forward to finishing. Reading through the blog posts helped me understand the different perspectives of my classmates and I was able to further educate myself on topics I knew so little of. I look forward to continue posting and becoming a “good blogger.”


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