Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have found that the experience of writing blog posts varies depending on the subject. Sometimes, I struggled to write a post that felt whole and comprehensive because I simply was not passionate enough about a subject, while other times, I found it difficult to edit my posts because I had so much to say.

After reading over all of my blog posts, I noticed a change in the way that I approached the task. At first, I chose to tackle the blog posts like I would a mini essay of sorts, with specific language and a more “respectable” tone in addition to somewhat detailed analysis. Later on, my posts became more casual and personal while still maintaining some level of analysis. In the more recent posts, the lens of this analysis seemed more pointed at my own experiences.

I noticed myself becoming more critical of the subject matter over time and I think that was due to my level of comfort in the course. As time went on, I was more familiar with the nature and topics of discussion which put me at ease, and gave me somewhat of a license to be more honest about my feelings. In addition, although I usually failed to veil my bias, I tried my best to acknowledge its presence: “[About Frances Ha] I got ten minutes in and made an assumption about it – which was unfair, but still true…”.

Overall, when I read the blog posts in a sequence, I noticed my voice take shape and evolve into what it is today more and more. I do realize that this is only roughly over the span of five weeks, but by the last blog post of the fall semester, my true feelings and thoughts really came through. Although I would not go as far as to say that it felt like the first and last posts were written by two different people, I would still argue that the ways in which I conveyed messages and the very nature of these messages changed from a more academically respectable theme to one with more personal significance.


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