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What I realized from now to when I started writing my first blog was that my perspective changed very much as I started to read many books/texts in this course. At the time that I wrote my first blog post about Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar”, I did not know how to truly make a blog.

After re-reading my blogs, first to most current, I noticed that every blog post I wrote I found myself always bringing up society and the norms society forms. In “the bell Jar”, I wrote about society and if people were more considerate than forming negative opinions about people who suffer with mental illness, suicide rates would be reduced. People would be more open with their mental health rather than hiding it. Society plays a part in forming norms that should not have been norms in the first place because everyone is different.

A blog that I wrote which I was very passionate about was honour killings. I believe women from whatever ethnicity or religion should never be killed and their killings should not be justified. I believe the topic of honour killings should be spread so more people are aware of the topic.

Before taking this class and writing blogs on a weekly basis I would not express my opinions on certain issues. As each week passes by blogging my opinions from the readings feels more natural.  After re-reading my 5 blog post I am just surprised with how I was able to condense all the ideas into a 250-word blog. With the discussions that occur in class and hearing other peoples’ opinions truly helps me with not being so closed minded and thinking in different perspectives, which truly helps me with formulating my ideas/opinions that I write in my blogs.


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